• Textured brush back hairstyle

Textured Brush Back


If your thick wavy hair is tough to tame, the textured brush back will give you control and bring your hair to life. By creating short layers on top to bring down the bulk and clipper cutting the sides and ba ck, a versatile style is created that’s easy to maintain. Whether you like to wash-and-go or take time to use the blowdryer, this is a cut that can be styled messy or neat, depending on the day.


Rub a small amount of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Grooming Pomade between your hands, then run it through damp hair. While blow drying, use a firm bristle brush to bring the length up and back.

For a second look, apply Paul Mitchell Round Trip to damp hair, running your fingers through it and creating separation in the natural waves. Let air dry.

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