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Supercuts Weekly Email 4/28/2017


The annual Stylist Appreciation Day is just around the corner, and we want to help make it a little easier to celebrate your stylists. We know stylists generally are quite creative and visual, and therefore have developed some design materials for your use. 

Attached are several images you are invited to save and share. These images were designed by the Regis creative team, inspired by our HAIR values, with the goal to show our stylists how much they mean to us during this important occasion.

Examples of use include

  • Update your email signature this week to include one of the images
  • Share these images on your salon's social media pages with your own statement about how much you appreciate your stylists.
  • Print off the images and post them in your salon's break room this week.

We would love to hear what you're doing to celebrate your stylists. Please send pictures, comments and videos to so we can feature your efforts in an upcoming Friday email.

Stylist Appreciation Image 1

Stylist Appreciation Image 2

Stylist Appreciation Image 3


Encourage your Finalists to submit their entry ASAP because Round 2 of the Supercuts Gold Comb Awards wraps in 17 DAYS!! In this round of competition, the Top 100 Finalists must submit their videos by 1pm CST on May 14th to be eligible for any grand prizes. Finalists are required to submit the following items to Dropbox:

  • One video in accordance with the Contest Rules
  • A Round 2 Entry Form
  • A Guest Consent Form
  • A Stylist Consent Form

If your Finalist has not received an email containing these materials, please have them email

All forms and contest information can also be found on the Facebook page under Files.

Need more information? Encourage your stylist to regularly visit Facebook page ( for opportunities to participate in mini-contest, win cool tools from JPMS and stay updated with the contests!

Questions? Email

SuperSalon Partner Updates

The current “official” partners of SuperSalon include Mobivity, SmartBase Solutions, SignSimple (the new digital sign partner which replaces BrightSign, which will continue to be supported), TSYS, WorldPay, and Aurus. Later updates will provide information on other partners.

Mobivity Information from Supercuts Advisory Council Member - Beth Driskill


Weekly Email 4/21/2017

Weekly Email 4/7/2017

Weekly Email 3/31/2017





















Franchise Connection

Tips & Tricks to Assessing your Salon

Greetings! The March Edition of Your Franchise Connection is now ready to view. This month's episode focuses on planning for future success by assessing your salon and creating action plans. If you have any questions, or ideas for future episodes, please let us know at

Click below to learn more.

Episode One - Recruiting

Episode Two - Digital Recruiting

Episode Three - Retention

Episode Four - Onboarding

Episode Five - Pay Plans

Episode Six - Holiday Retail Recommendations

Episode Seven - 2017 Your Franchise Connection

Episode Eight Practical Approach to Guest Education


Google Beacons installation is back! Google is continuing its installation of beacons at selected Supercuts for a pilot program testing Google beacons in our salons. Over 800 salons had beacons installed this past Fall.

These beacons (about the size of a quarter) will help Supercuts track how Paid and Organic Google searches are driving in-salon visits. These beacons are FREE and competitive advantage over other brands such as Great Clips and Sport Clips.

Benifits of the program:

  • Gain knowledge of Google searches that drive salon traffic
  • Drive more salon visits through paid search traffic
  • Future state: Google may require these beacons to show up higher in organic map searches

Over the coming weeks, a Google representive will come to Supercuts salons to install the beacon in a public area out of the way from guests. This installation will only take about 30 minute and should not interrupt salon operations.

For others questions about the program, please reach out to

Google Beacon Salon Letter & FAQ

Google Beacon Power Point


Working Together Franchise Agreement Amendment

The Supercuts Working Together Relationship & Agreement allows the Franchisor to amend your Franchise Agreement every 10 years to reflect changes in the legal environment, business environment, competitive environment or customer preferences with changes that are justified by existing practices of other franchise agreements of other substantial franchisors, which benefits the system. The last amendment was done in 2005. The Supercuts Executive Council has worked in close cooperation over the past year to create this Amendment, which you will receive in the next few weeks. Please keep an eye out for it. Some of the benefits include:

  • Waiving the Franchisor's right of first refusal for franchise transfers to immediate family.
  • Requiring the Franchisor to indemnify Franchisees for claims caused by Franchisor.
  • Making clear that the Franchisor does not control Franchisees' employment relationships with their employees.
  • Any Franchisee not currently using SuperSalon POS will be required to begin using SuperSalon POS by March 31, 2017, with Franchisor being required to use ongoing reasonable efforts to obtain reasonable pricing for Franchisees' SuperSalon POS fees.
  • Allowing the Franchisor to collect individual customer and transaction information from Franchisees but prohibiting Franchisor and its affiliates from using such information to compete with franchisees and restricting Franchisor's use of such information solely to benefit the Supercuts system.

Supercuts Franchise Agreement Amendment