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Through of our partnership with Major League Baseball, we have an amazing opportunity to send a Supercuts-branded email to MLB’s  6 million email database.  We’ve dug into their database next to ours and determined the vast majority of the list contains new guests for Supercuts.  To give strong incentive to drive trial, we are offering a discount for $5 off an Adult Haircut.  The email will go out on Friday, May 18th and the coupon will expire June 30th.  Below are further details of the campaign to help you manage this promotion within your salon(s).


  1. Set up S6006 in your POS for $5 Off an Adult Haircut
  2. Promotion Dates: May 18th to June 30, 2018
  3. Redemption Instructions: If you have a barcode scanner at your salon, simply scan the barcode guests present on their mobile device or on a print out of the coupon. If you do not have a barcode scanner or one that cannot scan a mobile device, stylists can manually enter S6006 during checkout to apply the discount.


2018 Gold Comb Awards

Supercuts Weekly Email 6/29/2018

Advisory Council Updates

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Regis Corporation has partnered with Lockton Affinity to help protect the well-being of Regis franchise owners and your guests by offering custom insurance solutions for your business. Additionally, Lockton Affinity is tracking all franchisee insurance to ensure that you and your business is adequately covered. We request that you submit your evidence of insurance as soon as possible. Please share the following note with your insurance agent/broker and have them send your evidence of insurance to the email address or mailing address below.

Remember to include; Owner ID, Legal Entity ID and Salon Number. We have created a sample certificate for you to download and send to your agent/broker as an example; it can be found here: Franchisee site(FRC or Google) > Salon Services > Forms & Documents > Insurance > “Example of Certificate.”

We will be sending out compliance letters shortly, so please send us your evidence of insurance.



Regular Mail: Attn: Lindsay Brodbeck
Lockton Affinity, LLC
Executive Centre II
10895 Lowell Avenue, Suite 300
Overland Park, KS 66210

Is it time to renew your insurance? Are you getting the right coverage? As a Regis Franchisee, you are offered many benefits to help manage your business – like access to the Regis Franchisee Insurance Program, administered by Lockton Affinity. Designed specifically for salon owners, Lockton Affinity simplifies the insurance process and takes the guess work out of insuring your business.

Learn more about the program and coverage options by visiting or contacting / 844-456-0660.


Your Franchise Connection


Greetings! The latest edition of “Your Franchise Connection” is ready to view. This edition offers tips and tricks to remain top-of-mind by leveraging unique marketing techniques during the swiftly approaching Back-To-School season

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