Bulk Up: Mitch Matterial Styling Clay

For those with short hair that is fine or thin, it can be difficult to find a styling product that adds texture and thickness without weighing it down. Well, Mitch Matterial Styling Clay may be exactly the solution you’re looking for.


This powerful styling clay bulks up texture with a dry finish. Its thickening ingredients and strong fixatives grip hair and lock it into place, without weighing it down. Made with natural clay, it creates a matte feel and eliminates shine. What results is that hair looks and feels thicker, for a modern, texturized look.


To use, work a small amount into your hands and distribute through damp or dry hair, and style and arrange hair just how you like it. Have questions how to use Matterial? Ask your Supercuts stylist the next time you’re in the salon.

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